Nothing is Ever Enough

When I look around at my closest friends, I can’t help but see how incredibly blessed we are. MBA’s, JD’s, MD’s, etc., all with great apartments in NYC, good jobs, and great friends to share our lives with.

But for some reason, we are all still unsatisfied with what we have. There must be a better job, a better boyfriend, a better apartment, a better LIFE, somewhere out there. Nothing is ever enough. Some might call this ambition. Some might call this greed.

I read an article today by a Life Coach who supported her two clients in achieving their dreams. One client thought that if she started her own business she would be more fulfilled. The other client felt that having a baby would be the realization of a lifelong dream. Both achieved these goals and are now more stressed than they were before. The entrepreneur can now bask her achievement but works 3x’s more than she did before and the new mom has to manage both the good and the challenging things that come along with motherhood.

Reading this article immediately reminded me of myself and my nearest and dearest. Why is it that we can’t just be satisfied with what we have? When will what we have be enough? Will it ever be enough? I am guessing the answer to this question is probably a resounding, ‘heck no’. I guess stories like the one from the Life Coach just reminds me that in the midst of my quest for the best life, I have to remind myself just how great my life is already.

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