Cats > Babies

Yes, I said it. Cats are better than babies. In fact they are purrrrrfect children (pun intended). I know I am almost 30 and I know it’s the ‘circle of life’ or one of ‘life’s milestones’ or whatever you folks are calling it these days, but I am just not that into it. By ‘it’ I mean this baby craze that has officially taken over all of my friends, and I do mean all — friends from high school, college, grad school — everyone, and I do mean, EVERYONE is having a baby around me right now.

You response is probably, ‘hey, Ms. Bitter, why the sour grapes?’ But I am not bitter, I swear! I am not sour either. I am just more disappointed by how these beautiful, independent, smart women I know and love have digressed to only posting Facebook pictures of their babies (even their profile pictures are pictures of their babies!) and how every status, tweet, text message, voicemail message, word-that-comes-from-their-mouths is somehow, someway, baby related. What happened to the other things you cared about? You know, like politics, entrepreneurship, the economy, volunteering, philanthropy, friendships and just general relationships with other humans who speak in complete sentences and go to the bathroom on their own?

Is this what happens when you have children? Is the woman you worked hard to develop, grow and mature, the woman you’ve nurtured to become not just a star, but her own sun… Was she made only to become a moon (and not THEE moon, but I mean a less important moon, that revolves around Pluto — yes I know it isn’t a planet anymore) that orbits around a baby? Don’t get me wrong, I love children, I really do. I think they are one God’s greatest gifts, which is exactly what scares me the most. Am I going to become just like one of these women I speak of? Am I destined to be a moon one day?

This is why I love my cat. He totally rocks, he is an awesome companion, he is an independent spirit that doesn’t need me to love him (or write blogposts about him). He has proven on more than one occasion that I am free to space travel (as long as I leave him ample food and water) and he will be here to welcome me back with a lovely lap nap and purr. In terms of relationships with children, it really gets no better than this. Indeed, Cats > Babies. The more I think about it, maybe I am already one of those people, because I talk about my cat wayyyy too much. Maybe I am actually destined to be one of those crazy cat ladies…

And you have to know, I am no wanna-be Carrie Bradshaw, or her awesome friend Samantha. No, no, no, motherhood definitely has a place in my future. I just don’t want to lose myself, the woman I know, and my friends know and love in order to do it. But until I figure out the secret to keeping me, Cats > Babies.

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