I Ain’t Gonna Play In Sun City

All this talk of celebrities that were paid big bucks to perform for Qaddafi has got me wondering — is there really any limit to the things human beings will do for money?

So people are going to argue that maybe, at the time, the performer had no idea who s/he was performing for… I guess I can probably believe that. But I also agree with the fact that it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be accountable. I mean, isn’t that why you have all these people around you? Isn’t it someone’s job to do some homework / background check on the people you do private parties for? Even your neighborhood stripper sends someone ahead of her to make sure the bachelor party is on the up-and-up. Okay, I need to reel it in, I’m on the verge of creating a completely different conversation and blogpost.

I think that leaves us with this: there will be times in all of our lives when a decision has to be made — make the money or do the right thing. And sometimes, it’s on all of us, not just the responsibility of the Angela Davis or the Malcolm X or the Mahatma Gandhi… No, the school teacher, the waitress, the banker, the lawyer, the PR agent, and the Usher’s and Beyonce’s of the world also have to stand up.

In homage of this important lesson, I leave you with a very special song. Sun City is a great song by the music group Artists United Against Apartheid. Sun City is an interracial gambling resort in South Africa, located in a bantustan, a nominally independent area supposedly ruled by black Africans, in the middle of an impoverished community. Artists who played there during that troubled time in South Africa were considered in defiance of the United Nations-sanctioned cultural boycott against the Apartheid. Enjoy + remember to stand up for justice folks –

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