The Older Man vs. The Younger Man … Ding Ding!

The other day, I read an interesting short article in Glamour Magazine on whether women should be willing to date older or younger men. The article was written from the perspective of two women, one married to an older man and one married to someone younger. In making their respective arguments. I must admit that both happily married women raise great pros.

Older Men:

  • Are like walking encyclopedias — they have lived so much more of life, that they are always good for an interesting story or fun fact
  • Can offer good career advice
  • Know how to make minor repairs to your car
  • Are expert back-rubbers
  • Don’t take the ‘argument bait’ — they can see your moody butt coming, and will just wait for the tide to turn instead of getting all hysterical

Younger Men:

  • Are ‘presoftened’ by the society of the last 30 years — Women’s rights, gay rights, he is just more open and more receptive
  • Are more willing to break gender roles — again, because of his presoftening, he is willing to change diapers, cook dinner, and do laundry and he is more than happy to support your career choices
Both sides of the article spoke to me. But here is what I think: in this day and age, with the divorce rate at almost 50% and more and more women reaching 40, 50 and still single (despite their efforts to find their soul mates), women need to be open to both groups of men. The older man you prefer may not always be the Jeopardy wiz or the calm in your PMS storm, he might be a stubborn bull who is so completely stuck in his ways, that there is just no way he can fit you and the things you want into his already rigid life. The younger man might not always be the progressive feminist, he might be the immature 25 year old that despite being out of undergrad for four years, is still the frat boy who does keg stands at your parent’s retirement party and smokes doobies during his lunch break.

So ladies, taste the rainbow. Being open to at least that first date. Try to take the age, race, height, etc. crap off the table for one evening, you may just find exactly what you need.

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