Monthly Archives: April 2011

Arianna Huffington Spoke to Me Today

Well, not just to me… I attended a talk today held by Arianna Huffington. She is a very beautiful, witty, and accomplished (cough, cough deal with AOL) woman. I know some people really give her hell, but dammit, I like her.

Not because she is an unabashed conservative turned liberal, not because she is media royalty, but because she gave me some really solid advice. Here is what I learned from Madame Huffington today:

1. Don’t worry so damn much. Alice Caldwell Rice once said, “It ain’t no use putting up your umbrella till it rains!” Women have the tendency to worry about every thing — work, family, friends, pets, plans, strangers on the street. If you aren’t aware, you can be in a constant state of worry. That’s me all the way, half my freakin’ problems are things that haven’t happened yet (most of which never do). So cut it out, focus on what you can do today and what you have control over. Problems are rarely as bad as we worry they will be.

2. Get some sleep. Arianna told us a story about how she was so exhausted, overworked / stressed etc., that she fainted at her desk one day and fractured her cheek bone and almost lost an eye. If that doesn’t scare you into getting more sleep, believe the truth that when you are sleep deprived, your brain is not working at its best. So your ideas aren’t as innovative, your analysis isn’t as comprehensive, and you stop making any sense to the people around you. Don’t charge your phone/laptop/ipad by your bed side, you’ll find yourself waking up throughout the night to check on things that will be there in the morning. Charge your devices in another room and go to sleep at night.

3. Stop listening so much to your inner critic. We all have one, that voice that tells us we aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, charming enough. The voice that tells us we need to lose weight, wear a shit-ton of make-up, have better etiquette, date the a*hole because we can’t do any better — that voice, that inner critic, throw that bitch out with the garbage. You are a wonderful person with much to offer the world, but no one is going to believe that until you do. Censor your inner critic until she knows she is only welcomed to speak at guest appearances that are solely comedic in nature (after all, you have to be able to laugh at yourself sometimes).

Thanks Arianna, I needed this little reminder today.