Happy Birthday To Me

So today is my birthday — the inglorious, disastrous 29.

I know, for your 30 year olds, you probably want me to shut my mouth. But, I honestly think turning 29 is worse than 30, because you know that the only place to go is 30. The truth is, once you are over the hill, it’s all downhill from there. So 30 just doesn’t seem as bad (I will let you know how I feel next year).

My fiance bought me card. It read:

(outside card)

For Someone Special

It’s nice

to have this chance

to wish you

good things…

(inside card)

.. like a year

when every day

brings the best in life

your way!

Happy Birthday!

Doesn’t that sound like a card you would get your coworker? That’s what birthdays have become in my world folks — a day to get work-friendly cards from loved ones.

But then I have to pull myself out of this pool of self-pity. With everything going on in the world — the Debt Crisis, Wars in the Middle East, the housing crisis, earthquakes around the world, the famine in Somalia, inflation, AIDS, global warming, the unemployment rate… I mean, the crisis fatigue list is long for all of us right now.

No wonder it’s such a (not) fun, (not) celebratory day. Happy Birthday to me.

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