New York Loved Me Today

I was at a party last night where I met this guy that recently moved to New York City. I really felt bad for the guy — living in the East Village, going on dates with crazy people, eating out alone every night, getting pushed, shoved, and cursed at every time he turns around. I remember those early days of NYC living, the adjustment period was long and horrible — I was sure after my two years of grad school, I’d high-tale my ass right back to the West Coast.

I must admit, I continue to have a Love-Hate Relationship with New York. Sometimes, she worships me, loving me like I’ve never been loved before… Other times, which can sometimes be just moments later, she kicks my ass and reminds me that she can’t commit. There are days when I am ready to pack my cat up and move back to Los Angeles, where though the relationship was also noncommittal, at least I didn’t have to put up with the abuse.  But so far, I’ve continued to be the spouse that just can’t leave.

I think part of the reason is the gifts New York sometimes will give me. I met a guy, the love of my life, here in NYC. He is great. But what I really wanted to write about is a fairly recent, and spectacular, gift NYC has bestowed on me — the Food Truck!

The Food Truck has revolutionized the New York concept of Brunch, where we used to scout out the best place to go for unlimited mimosas and eggs, we now follow Food Truck twitter accounts to get things like Lobster/Shrimp Rolls, Korean BBQ Beef Tacos, and Makers Mark ice cream. That’s the thing about New York, you have to stick with it, because right around the corner will be your next outdoor culinary wet dream. I know the guy I met last night will find this out soon enough and will be stuck here like the rest of us.

I went to the Prospect Park Food Truck Rally today:

Okay baby, I will stay and try to work things out because I love you, New York.


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