Why was college so stressful?

I just spent a portion of my evening collecting info from my undergraduate alumni site to share with a coworker of mine. Her daughter is preparing to apply for college this fall and wanted some tips on how to get into the college I attended. While the sites never give away admissions tips (no worries folks, I am no cheat), I did find some great info on how people describe the student experience, which will at least give help her make a decision once the school has decided on her.

When she first asked me about my college experience, I had so many positive things to say. The things I said were all very true — the education I received was unparalleled, the people I met have added / continue to add to my life in phenomenal ways, the weather is great year-round, the campus is so beautiful and safe. While I truly believe all of those things and I would not trade my experience for anything, I couldn’t help but feel like I was leaving something out.

Maybe because while so many of the admissions sites say:

“The weather is literally never bad. It’s nice to come out of a stressful class into 75 degrees and sunny.”

“The campus is so safe that I can go running at three in the morning and feel totally secure.”

“The academics are unparalleled, and you don’t feel like just another number. The faculty actually cares about their students, and will talk with us about anything.”

While the alumni sites say:

“Sometimes the workload can be far too intense, and once you’re stuck in a hole, it’s nearly impossible to get out.”

Oh now I remember! I really wish this kid the best.

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