Happy “Love” Day!

What is it about today that makes everyone so giddy or pissed off… or both?

It may just be me, but I have never put too much stock in Valentine’s Day… I mean, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love my man every day :-). A little secret: my fiance has this thing where he randomly surprises me with a cupcake every now and then. Just for no good reason, he will bring home a little piece of red velvet goodness. So he is either a true romantic or a man with a serious sweet tooth. Nonetheless, we never do anything big on Valentine’s Day; right now we are sitting on the couch watching a backlog of DVR’ed shows with our cat and our laptops — I know, I know, this stuff is made for rom-coms.

Well, in celebration of the day set aside just for romantic overtures and/or cracking skulls, I wanted to share some pictures I found on the web of famous couples — may they shine as examples of true love or cautionary tales to us all.

Happy Valentine’s Day.. [hope] Every day’s the fourteenth! (in my Andre 3000 voice)

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