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Happy Birthday JT

Today is my husband’s birthday. I rarely talk about him here because he is a pretty private guy and if he knew I was writing about him, he would want to be Editor-in-chief of this blog… Soooo not going to happen. But today is special, so I’m going for it.

Jonathan and I have been together over 5 years. We created this life together, this world, that belongs to just him and I (and our cat Snickers). It’s a safe place where we can just be. We’ve gone through A LOT of changes recently. We got married, moved across the country, and both started new jobs all in the last 9 months. Through it all, we’ve grown closer and even in moments when we both look at each other like we are speaking completely different languages, we somehow find our way back to each other.

I wake up every day grateful to be married to my very best friend. In celebration of him getting old, I have compiled a list of the top 5 things I have learned from Jonathan:

1. Don’t forget to look on the bright side: Yes, sometimes life sucks. But it never sucks completely. Even in bad times, look to the things that are going right. Most times the bright side can be found in the people in your life.

2. Plan ahead: Want to go on vacation? Want another cat? Want a baby? Fine. Plan for it. Literally open up Excel and input how much money you are making and how much you are spending. Your net worth will tell you a lot about what you are ready for, especially if it’s only a day trip to the beach and a gold fish…

3. Remember to kiss goodbye: Every morning he does this. He never forgets. It’s the best part of my day.

4. It’s okay to dance around your apartment while singing off-key in your pajamas: A good belly laugh is the best medicine. You’re never too old to be silly.

5. Setting boundaries is critical: Without them, people will walk all over you. When people cross your boundaries, be clear and intentional in resetting them. Habitual offenders do not deserve to be in your life, you don’t owe them anything. Love them from afar if you have to.

I will love you always Jonathan David Taylor. Happy Birthday!



Who is Rubyschild?


I am sure you are wondering what’s up with the new blog name. Well, I never felt like myblogmysoapbox really fully represented me. Yes, I definitely have a soapbox both on and off the net and I tend to spare no one when when I feel the need to stand on it. But, that’s not who I am, that’s more what I do. When I ask myself the tough question, “who am I?” I always first think of myself as my grandmother’s child.

My grandmother, Ruby Geneva Anderson, was my mother. She raised me from baby to young adulthood. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out, and everyone loved her for it. When I say everyone, I really mean EVERYONE. She had so many surrogate children, both those that were raised by her and those that were spiritually guided by her.

She taught me the importance of being honest, kind, and resilient. She instilled in me the importance of being gracious in good times and being strong in hard times. She made sure I understood that actions have consequences and that I also appreciated the importance of forgiveness. She is the reason I have worked hard to make something of my life and a better future for my (future) children.

Ruby is the woman I hope to become. This blog is dedicated to her.


Hello Again World and Turning 30.

I came across this video today and it got me thinking about how I responded to turning 30 in 2012. It was not pretty people. I know there are going to be people who say, snap out of it, 30 is not old! get over yourself. But no one could save me from that moment. I was in the middle of a crisis. I was turning 30, had a shit ton of debt, no home (a tiny apartment in Brooklyn NY, but no home), no husband (a 2 year long fiance, but no husband), no kids (a cat that I adore, but, well…no buts, my cat is awesome), and a job that I only semi-liked. I remember being 3 and thinking I would be queen of the world by the time I turned an age like 30!

Nevertheless, I survived the calamity that is turning the big 3-0 and am still in much the same shape (+1 lovely husband, who is, by the way, metaphorically the boy in blue in the video). I think sometimes you have to cry. It helps you get it out and you can then move on. I moved on and spent that big day in Paris. Not too bad after all. Most importantly, despite the influx of gray hair I’ve been noticing lately and the debt that is still staring me down every time I look at my husband’s nifty ‘family net worth’ spreadsheet, I woke up 30 (and then 31) and never lost the feeling that life is full of promise and tomorrows are full of hope.

I am sure this cutie had a wonderful 4th birthday. I hope she got a pony and that there were no clowns. I hate clowns. So in light of coming to terms with my age and never having a pony of my own, I have decided to revive my blog and rename it (more on this later). Even if no one ever reads this, it’s for me. going to port over my old posts, just to keep them all together.