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Oscars Past

Oh yes girls, tonight is finally here! I am already watching the Countdown to the Red Carpet on E! because I just cannot wait.

In homage to this historic night of all things glamorous, I wanted to share some of the dresses I rank as BEST OF ALL TIME. Gorgeous, timeless, chic — just marvelous.

More to come after the show! Happy Oscars All!


For my first guacamole, I used an adapted recipe from the huffpost that I actually first found out about on Twitter (the site I would like to crown the most useful social media platform in the game right now — and to think, I wasn’t sold on it at first and was so completely late to the game).

Start to finish: 10 minutes

Servings: 8

1 small yellow or white onion, finely diced not with a molcajete! Just chopped.

Chopped fresh cilantro, to taste

Serrano chilies, to taste

4 avocados, pitted and cut into cubes not with a molcajete! Just cut in half.

1 to 2 medium tomatoes, chopped

Hot sauce, to taste


On a cutting board, mound together three-quarters of the diced onion and a bit each of the cilantro and chilies. Start with about 3 tablespoons chopped cilantro and 1 chili. You can add more later. Use a large knife to repeatedly chop the mixture further. Aim to reduce the mixture to as close to a pulp as possible.

Turn the knife on its side and, applying firm pressure to the side of the blade, use it to smash the ingredients. Transfer the mixture to a medium bowl (molcajete!).

Gently mix (with a tejolote!) the avocado into the onion mixture. Add the remaining diced onion, another tablespoon or 2 of cilantro and the chopped tomatoes. Stir gently, then taste and season with salt. Add hot sauce, as well as additional finely chopped chilies, to adjust the heat as desired.

(Recipe adapted from Demian Bichir)

Here is a photo of my very first authentic attempt at the famous, yummy, fresh, healthy (hey, it’s the good fat), and best reminder of home for any Western woman trapped in an Eastern woman’s life.

¡guacamole!… Part I

I’m from California — Los Angeles to be exact, but went to college in the bay area. That said, it should come as no surprise that I LOVE guacamole.

I’ve managed to actually find some restaurants here in the NYC that offer a decent (fresh) guac — so no complaints there. It’s just that I find myself wanting it all the time and at 15-20 bucks a pop, it can get out of hand… fast.

So with that in mind, I purchased my very own molcajete and tejolote, which is Spanish for mortar and pestle. Carved from volcanic rock, the molcajete and tejolote are some of the world’s oldest kitchen tools, used by the Aztecs in Mexico for grinding corn into flour. I needed to make my guacamole official ya’ll!

Here is some pics of me properly prepping my molcajete.


Step 1: Initial Cure

  • Place the molcajete and tejolote in a sink and rinse thoroughly
  • Put a few handfuls of raw white rice into the molcajete, add some cold water and grind the rice using the tejolote
  • Repeat several times, making sure you have ground the entire interior surface of the bowl. Rotate the tejolote as you grind, so its surface is cleaned also
  • The molcajete is cured when no loose bits of stone or grit are present in the rice and the water runs clear

Step 2: Seasoning

  • With the tejolote, create a paste in the molcajete with one chopped onion, the cloves from one head of garlic and 3-4 tbsp. cooking oil
  • Spread the paste over the inside of the bowl, making sure to cover all the pores
  • Bake in an 300°F oven for 30 minutes
  • Let cool then rinse with water

Happy “Love” Day!

What is it about today that makes everyone so giddy or pissed off… or both?

It may just be me, but I have never put too much stock in Valentine’s Day… I mean, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love my man every day :-). A little secret: my fiance has this thing where he randomly surprises me with a cupcake every now and then. Just for no good reason, he will bring home a little piece of red velvet goodness. So he is either a true romantic or a man with a serious sweet tooth. Nonetheless, we never do anything big on Valentine’s Day; right now we are sitting on the couch watching a backlog of DVR’ed shows with our cat and our laptops — I know, I know, this stuff is made for rom-coms.

Well, in celebration of the day set aside just for romantic overtures and/or cracking skulls, I wanted to share some pictures I found on the web of famous couples — may they shine as examples of true love or cautionary tales to us all.

Happy Valentine’s Day.. [hope] Every day’s the fourteenth! (in my Andre 3000 voice)

Sh*t Girls Say on The Bachelor

This show has been the source of many a relationship discussion / debate in my household as of late. Some of the topics discussed include:

How can someone truly find love while dating 15 people… on television?

Can you really feel a connection so strong it brings you to tears when you see him with another woman after just one date with the guy?

Is Ben attractive at all?

Are we really going to watch the whole season, after all, Ben is going to choose the girl he got naked with, right? RIGHT?

In homage of my latest reality tv obsession, I am posting this video — did Kacie B. really just say she wanted another girl to get pee’d on? **Awkward moment when you reveal a sick fantasy on national tv**



The AC360 RidicuList

I love Anderson Cooper, I especially love The RidicuList.

If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a segment on his AC360 show where Anderson Cooper discusses absurd, stupid, callous people, places and things. It’s always pretty baffling, but welcome to the world!

Today’s addition to the RidicuList: the Olsen Twin’s $39K alligator backpack… It actually sold out!  Complete Ridiculousness. Period. Paragraph.

Check out the full RidicuList on the AC360 blogroll: